DellEMC Vision

DellEMC Vision (Formally known as VCE Vision)

What is DellEMC Vision Tool

DellEMC Vision software provides health and lifecycle management capabilities embedded in VCE SystemsVision software provides standardized, repeatable processes that enable a system administrator to ensure an optimized, secure, and functional data center or hybrid-cloud environment.

Vision software enables you to know about one or more VCE Systems in a data center, where they are located, and what components they contain. It reports on the health or operating status of all VCE Systems. Use Vision software to rapidly verify that VCE Systems are running the currently supported software or firmware for a particular Release Certification Matrix (RCM). Additionally, you can use Vision software to maintain security hardened infrastructure in accordance with baseline security settings.

Vision software effectively acts as a mediation layer between your VCE System and its existing management tools. The software allows for intelligent discovery by providing a continuous, near real-time perspective of the compute, network, storage, and virtualization resources as a single object, ensuring that the management tools reflect the most current state of the VCE System.

Product Architecture

Each VCE System has a Vision CoreMSM, and an MSP VM deployed and configured as part of the installation process

Data Center Architecture-

Vision software allows you to set up a multisystem configuration within your data center environment.

Vision software provides support for multiple VCE Systems. In a data center environment, an MSM VM can be associated with up to two Vision Core VMs:

Important:Only one MSP VM must be deployed and configured within a cluster. The MSP VM must be associated with the MSM VMs in its local data center for that cluster. If other MSP VMs have been deployed and configured, you must power down these VMs.

Vision software provides support for a clustered environment that includes multiple MSM VMs. These MSM VMs can be configured to run in a single physical data center, or in multiple physical data centers that are geographically separate.

The following illustration shows a single-site environment consisting of three MSM VMs, each of which is associated with a single Vision Core VM. The MSM VMs are configured to form a cluster. The MSM capabilities and functionality are exposed after the deployment and configuration of the MSM VMs. Use the Vision dashboard, the Vision shell, or REST APIs to interact and manage VCE Systems:

In a single-site configuration with one data center, Vision software supports up to three MSM VMs running within the data center. Each MSM VM can be associated with up to two Vision Core VMs.

Vision software also provides support for a multi-site clustering configuration that includes a maximum of three data centers. In a multi-site configuration with three data centers, each data center can have no more than two MSM VMs running, where each MSM VM is associated with up to two Vision Core VMs.

For Complete Instruction and guidelines for clustering, refer to DellEMC Vision Administrator Guide

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