vCenter Upgrade Troubleshooting

This article will guide you through various vcenter upgrade troubleshooting steps for windows based vcenter.

  1. You may see below error while upgrading virtual center

2.  To solve this,

a. Ensure tasks mentioned in point 5  Pre-check  are taken care.    Anti-virus / backup software may block VMware DLL / process and                  upgrade will fail.

b. Try the upgrade one more time, if it fails once again then download the “Process explorer” from Microsoft web site

Process Explorer

      c. Check if DLLs mentioned in below KBs are blocked by any process using Process explorer


If you find any process using DLL mentioned in above  KB,  kill those process and retry the upgrade.

 3. If it upgrade fails then follow steps 5 to 8 as mentioned in above VMware KB.   (Please ensure snapshot is taken before trying this               step   and all vcenter related services are stopped to delete the files mentioned in steps 5 to 8)

4. You may get different errors, like

Installation of component VCSServiceManager failed with error code ‘1603’. Check the logs for more details

Follow KB-    or

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